Hanlon Expressway Interchange Open

GUELPH, ON, November 29, 2013 – Today the Ministry of Transportation and the City of Guelph celebrated the opening of the Hanlon Expressway/Laird Road provincial interchange.


This major infrastructure investment is funded through a cost sharing agreement between the City and the Province of Ontario to further drive local and provincial economic development initiatives that create new jobs and serve Guelph’s transportation needs.


“This is great news for our community. Our government is investing in new infrastructure to help build stronger communities and improve economic growth and development for families and businesses,”  said MPP Liz Sandals.


Guelph’s newest provincial interchange is an important example of the City’s commitment to innovative and strategic local and regional economic development, transportation and growth planning.


The interchange provides access to the Hanlon Creek Business Park, Hanlon Business Park, and Southgate industrial lands—a total of 472 hectares of net developable employment land projected to maintain or generate about 21,163 jobs.


“Beyond the benefits of better traffic flow and travel times, the Laird interchange will open up the full potential of employment lands in south Guelph—making a significant impact on Guelph’s economic growth for years to come,” said Mayor Farbridge.


The $18 million project includes the interchange and the Laird Road overpass which accommodates four traffic lanes, bicycle lanes and sidewalks over the expressway.


Construction of the Hanlon Expressway/Laird Road interchange started April 30, 2012.


The Hanlon Expressway will be the site of a number of interchanges and overpasses constructed by the Province. A total of two interchanges to/from the expressway now currently exist at Wellington Street and Laird Road and two more have been identified for future construction.


Peter Cartwright

General Manager, Economic Development

Economic Development

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Rajan Philips

Manager, Transportation Planning and Development Engineering

Engineering Service 

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